Monday, February 22, 2010

He's My King, She's My Queen


Today, i would like to wish "Happy Birthday" to

My King,

Mohamad Nor Mat Jadin
(9th February 1959)


My Queen,

Maikelesom Malek
(22nd February 1962)

May Allah S.W.T always be with you,
and eventhough i am not a great son,
i will always remember to pray for you...
always remember...


Photoshop's 20th Birthday

Photoshop stepped onto the scene 20 years ago on 19th February, changing the face of photoediting, altering the way we weight the truthfulness of images, and introducing "'Shopped!" into the language of internet pundits everywhere. Check out our most popular Photoshop tutorials inside.

Over the years as time savers and bits of weekend fun, we've featured a variety of popular Photoshop tips and tricks. Before we share the links though, here are some random facts about Photoshop and an interesting mini-documentary about the founding of Photoshop.

  • Photoshop was invented by a University of Michigan PhD student named Thomas Knoll. Knoll's brother John worked for Industrial Light and Magic and encouraged Thomas to continue developing the software—apparently the imagery-manipulation gene is strong in the Knoll family.
  • Despite the widespread prevalence of using "Photoshop" as a verb, Adobe strongly discourages it.
  • The use of Photoshop in advertising is so widespread that fairly frequently a photo-editing mishap leads to a humorous outcome.
p/s: dh tue rupenye Photoshop ni...gune je, umur xtau brape...haha~